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Saab 9³ 2003+ MOST Loopback DIY Installation Instructions

 !Please read all instructions prior to actually diving in!

Standard disclaimers: While Saabs in general are put together very intelligently, with parts that are meant to come apart logically & easily, please use your own judgment in how much force to apply. If you feel as you’re going to break a clip, stop, reread the instructions, perhaps interpret them differently, then try again. If that still doesn’t work, ask for help. Lastly, ask your dealer to do it. Etadyne Industries LLC or Nova Technology Inc. will not be held liable for turning your warranted car into a big paperweight.
    Also, these steps are performed on a left-hand drive vehicle.  It is expected that all these steps are the same for right-hand drive vehicles.  If not, please let us know!

Tools you’ll need to complete this installation:

bulletSmall flat-blade screwdriver
bulletMOST Loopback Connector

bullet It is very important that the two leads in the connector are not confused with one another.
bullet Do not bend the cable in a radius smaller than 25mm.
bullet Keep the cable ends free from dirt and grime.
bullet The cable should not lie against any sharp edges as this may cause increased signal reduction.
bulletThe red visible light is is of laser class 1.  Do not look directly into the optic fiber or the control module connector at close range.  At a distance of less than 20mm, your eyes could be damaged.


Step 0: Locate & gain access to desired module.
    Determine which module you'd like to bypass.  Available modules are
ICM (Infotainment Control Module, or the radio control panel), EHU (Entertainment Head Unit, the actual radio inside the dashboard), CD Player/changer, Trunk CD Changer/DVD Player, Amp1 (under the driver seat), Amp2 (in the trunk), Communication Unit (for Navigation/Onstar under the parcel shelf).

    Remove that module in order to gain access to the electrical connectors at the back of it.


Step 1: Unplug connector.

    Unplug connector from O-bus device. The connector will be a housing with wires, and 2 large orange fiber optic cables.


Step 2: Release fiber optic connector.

    Detach the fiber-optic connector housing from the main connector. It will come loose by releasing a catch on the housing.


Step 3: Remove cable from connector.

    Remove one of the two fiber optic cables from the housing. It doesn't matter which one.

3a. Remove blue TPA by pushing it from the small side. It will need to completely come out. Keep it as you must put it back later.
3b. Gently pry the terminal lock outwards, only enough so that the fiber-optic cable can be pulled loose.
3c. When the cable is free, re-insert the blue TPA to secure the remaining cable.


Step 4: Prep cable.

    Prepare the cable to make a loop. Cut enough of the wire wrapping to ensure that the cable will not make any radii less than 25mm when connected end to end.


Step 5: Prep Loopback.

    Get your 2003+ Saab 9³ MOST Loopback Connector and make sure the metal spring is released (spaced about 4mm from plastic body).


Step 6: Install connector.

    Insert the fiber-optic connector containing 1 cable into the Loopback, and press closed that end of the metal spring.


Step 7: Install free cable.

    Insert the free fiber optic cable into the opposite end of the Loopback, lining up to the position of the other one. They must be in line, end to end, so light travels from one into the other.


 Step 8: Secure installation.

    Push the cable in reasonably firmly, and snap that end of the spring closed. Both cables should be snugly installed with no loose play.  That's it!

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