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Dealer Instructions: How to enable Aux-In Option for Stereo

This is a procedure as to what path to follow in the Tech II device while hooked up to a 2003 or 2004 Saab 93.  Call your dealer to see if they are familiar with this procedure.  If they state they will not do this, search for a dealer that will, as many do.  Please note, some dealers may charge for this, and some will not.


  1. Hook up the Tech II device to the vehicle
  2. Go to the "Add/Remove" menu
  3. Then "Add module"
  4. Then scroll down select "ICM"
  5. It will show what the system already has... then scroll down & select "Aux Input"
  6. Then add it, then system reboots etc, stereo goes on then off
  7. Test it: Cycling the SRC button on steering wheel should yield a “AUX” source on the SID.
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