Firefly Serenity Playset Minifig Set


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What Playset would be complete without a supporting cast of characters to lend a colorful atmosphere of playability & fun.  Have them cavort through the ship, or wreak havoc with each other.  The adventures they can get into are simply limitless!  Included in this set of 9 custom minifigs is (in order from left to right):

  • Simon Tam.  River’s brother & protector.  Never quite fits in, but is welcomed anyway.  “So finally, a decent wound on this ship, and I miss out.”
  • River Tam.  Simon’s sister.  Ridiculous smarts wrapped in an mysteriously unstable personality.  “My food is problematic.”
  • Hoban Washburne (Wash).  Light-hearted pilot of Serenity.  Likes dinosaurs and flying less safe than what may be called regulation.  “When your miracle gets here, you just pound this button once, it’ll call back both shuttles.”
  • Zoe Washburne.  First mate.  Served with Mal in the Unification War.  Probably the only level-headed one in the bunch.  “You paid money for this, sir? On purpose?”
  • Malcolm Reynolds (Mal).  Captain.  Comes up with most of the plans that involve phrases like “skin of our teeth”, “explodes just fine”, and “I didn’t start this.”
  • Inara Serra.  Companion.  Tends to lend expert advice from seemingly left-field.  Helps the crew not expire several times.  “We’re all lost in the woods, even the captain.  The only difference is he likes it that way.”
  • Jayne Cobb.  The muscle.  Pretty much the opposite of Inara & Zoe.  Not level headed and throws the crew into unusual & complicated situations.  “I’m smellin’ a lotta ‘if’ coming off this plan.”
  • Shepard Derrial Book.  Pastor simply passing through.  Tends not to participate in Mal’s madcap schemes, but gets into his own. “River, you don’t…fix…the Bible.”
  • Kaylee Frye.  Eternally optimistic ship mechanic.  Adds a decidedly unique dose of happy to the crew.  “Everything’s shiny Cap’n.  Not to fret.”

Here are some features of the Firefly Serenity Playset Minifigs:

  • All 9 custom minifigs with everything shown above.
  • Each minifig will come in it’s own bag, ready to assemble.
  • These are NOT INCLUDED in the Firefly Serenity Playset or the Firefly Shuttle.
  • Kit# 3030 currently retails for $110.00, including S&H to the domestic US. (For orders outside the US, please email directly)


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