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If you know anything about the Firefly ‘verse, you’ll be more than familiar with the fact that Serenity comes equipped with 2 endo/exo-atmospheric shuttles docked on either side of the main body.  One more or less permanent, being rented out to Inara, and the other for missions.

From Designer Thomas Lockwood comes the must-have accessory to your Firefly Serenity Playset. Keep one docked on the ship, and take the other out for exploring, busting up fights, smuggling, or just swooshing.

While not an official LEGO set, this is being provided as a service to find & source all the bricks required to put this together, along with the instructions.  Spend your time building the model, not sourcing and waiting for all the parts to come.  Instead, get all the parts in the mail, ready to build.  Heck, have the minifigs build it!

Here are some features of this Firefly Shuttle:

  • Minifig-capable cockpit
  • Free Parts List!
  • Wings that can be moved to docking position
  • Fits on the Serenity via 3 parts (included)
  • 90 new unused pieces.
  • Includes complete build instructions in pdf form, delivered via email.
  • Minifigs are NOT INCLUDED and are available as a separate kit.
  • Kit# 3040 currently retails for $30.00.  Shipping is $7 S&H in the USA, $31 to the rest of the world.

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