2003-6 Saab 9³ Aux-in Cable Kit


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This kit is designed to enable your 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006 Saab 93 to play external sources though the vehicle stereo system.  If you look in your center armrest, there is either a jack as shown in picture below (in which case you do not need this), or a rectangular cover plate. In response to SAAB discontinuing their product line, and service parts getting more difficult to find, please be assured we have plenty of these in stock and ready to ship worldwide. Same as when we first offered these.

The most popular applications for this are connecting an MP3 player, Satellite radio, or a laptop.  But be creative!  Anything with a “aux out” or headphone jack can be connected.  Maybe you have an old PDA that you hooked up to a GPS navigation system.  That can now be broadcasted through the speakers in the car!  Yearn for the days when cassette tapes ruled the world?  Hook up a portable tape player!  Even a laptop computer will work.

Why is this better than using an FM Modulator?  Many times, these devices have inferior sound quality, since they convert an audio signal to radio & transmit them.  So basically, you convert high-quality MP3s down to radio quality.  This cable is a direct link into the stereo, so there’s no sound degradation, loss of signal, or frustration of trying to find a free radio station.  Just the way Saab designed it to be.

Please note: Before purchasing this product, your Saab dealer must enable a Tech II feature called “Aux-in”.  You cannot do this yourself, and without it this kit is useless.  You can find info here.

Here’s what is included in this kit:

  • One (1) piece 2003-6 Saab 9³ Aux-in Cable,
  • Zipties to properly secure the cable to eliminate interference with mechanisms & reduce rattles,
  • Installation instructions for your dealer,
  • Installation instructions if you want to do it yourself,
  • One (1) piece Aux-in Accessory Cord,
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