2003-2006 Saab 9³ Tel1 Speaker/Mute EHU Leads


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This kit is designed to enable your 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006 Saab 93 to use 3 pins in the stereo head unit.  2007 vehicles are different and we do not support those.  These 3 pins are Mono Audio +,  Mono Audio -, and Mute.  When these are connected to a handsfree unit (sold separately), they will enable your phone’s handsfree unit send audio to the vehicle speakers, and enable the MUTE function.  The MUTE function will mute the stereo’s output (be it Aux, CD or radio), allowing only the handsfree audio to be heard, and display TELEPHONE” on the SID.  You can also use the steering wheel volume buttons.  No Tech II changes are required for this change.

Chances are, if you are here, you already know what this will do.  This is a very simple wire: only 3 wires with terminals designed by Saab.  Simply unplug the connector in the back of the EHU, insert these 3 leads into the connector, and plug the connector back in.  You can then use these leads to connect to your handsfree unit (Bluetooth or otherwise).

In order to fully integrate your handsfree device into the car, you must:

  • use the vehicle’s roof-mounted cell phone antenna
  • use the microphone mounted in the front roof console
  • use the vehicle power to charge the phone
  • use a mute function to pause CDs &/or mute the radio
  • use the vehicle’s speakers to hear the call
  • use the steering wheel volume buttons

These leads allow the last 3 items to become a reality.  Why not offer a solution for all of these?  Because the whole objective is to pull these sources, and this is simply a means to complete the last 3 items.

This is only for cars that do not have connector 375 already factory installed.  If your car came from the factory “Pre-wired for Tel1” then you do not need this.  All the bulleted items above have already been collected into 1 connector.  If you want to make absolutely sure, remove the right side center console side trim panel & look for this connector.

Here are some features of the cable:

  • Saab-designed terminals on one end to fit securely in the back of the radio.  Terminals removable.
  • Other end have unterminated leads so you can attach it to the handsfree device of your choice.
  • Comes with zipties to properly secure the cable to eliminate interference with mechanisms & reduce rattles,
  • Perfect size of 4 feet (1.2m).  Leaves some slack for removal of stereo.
  • Legend linking pinout with colors & function.
  • Installation instructions if you want to do it yourself, located here,
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