2003+ Saab 9³ MOST Loopback Connector


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This product is designed to enable your 2003, 2004, 2005, or 2006 Saab 93 to bypass certain Optical bus modules in your car.

In the O-bus, there are 2 optical fibres connected to each unit (one for incoming data & the other for outgoing).  There are various devices connected in a certain order in the loop.  They are connected serially, one to the next.  Since each unit receives information, and then sends it, if a module is removed the loop is broken.

The devices in the O-bus that are connected are: ICM (Infotainment Control Module, or the radio control panel), EHU (Entertainment Head Unit, the actual radio inside the dashboard), CD Player/changer, Trunk CD Changer/DVD Player, Amp1 (under the driver seat), Amp2 (in the trunk), Communication Unit (for Navigation/Onstar under the parcel shelf).  You may have some or all of these.

Chances are, if you are here, you already know what this will do.  If you remove any of the above modules from your car, they will all cease operation.  While you may think that may not be important, here are some drawbacks:

  • Radio will not work
  • CD player will not work
  • Navigation will not work
  • Onstar will not work as well as error messages will appear periodically
  • The notification tones will not work.  This includes turn signal, parking lamp still on warning, etc.

This device, along with a little “rewiring”, can fix that.  Once installed, the modules will again function by providing a continuous unbroken path.   Here’s what is included in this kit:

  • One (1) piece 2003+ Saab 9³ MOST Loopback Connector,
  • Installation instructions for how to install it, also located here.
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