How do I make the stereo default to Aux-in instead of the radio?

Sorry, I wish we knew.  If you find a way, please let the rest of us know by contacting us!

What models will the Aux-in Cable work with?

All Model Year 2003, 2004 & 2005 Saab 93 Sedan/Saloons, and 2004 & 2005 Convertibles, anywhere in the world, all trim styles.  So yes, it will work in your Australian Laser Red Aero, just as it will in your Belgian Nocturne Blue Linear!

The only models it will NOT work with is European vehicles that have the uplevel stereo with navigation.  These vehicles already come equipped with Aux-in in the armrest.

How do I know if my Saab Dealer will activate Aux-in?

All dealers have the opportunity to handle this differently.  Some will just plain not do it, some will do it for a nominal fee, and some will activate it for free.  If a dealer does not know how to activate Aux-in, please print out these instructions and show to your dealer.

Some folks have written down their experiences with this, and you can read about them here.

I’m not getting sound out of both speakers.

Make sure that whatever audio patch cord is going into the Aux-in connector in the armrest is pushed in securely.  If it doesn’t go in all the way, you will hear only 1 channel, or the sound may be scratchy.  Simply make sure the plug is inserted firmly and is not loose.

Do I need a Ground Loop Isolator?

If you have an aftermarket accessory (like a satellite radio receiver) hardwired into your vehicle, it may have a ground loop set up.  While this is harmless to the vehicle & the accessory, this will manifest itself in an audible hum in sync with the engine.  When the engine revs, the pitch of the buzzing will rise.

This annoying buzz is easily & safely removed with a device called a Ground Loop Isolator.  You can pick one up at Radio Shack Catalog #: 270-054 for about $17 US, or find others at your local electronics or car stereo outlet.

Where can I find the plug that covers the powerport?

A finishing touch: a plug that can cover the outlet when not in use is available from your local Saab Dealer. Ask for part number 5171889, and it runs about $5.00.

I live in Norway/Australia/United Kingdom/etc.  Do you ship there?

Of course!  We ship worldwide, to all countries in the world.  We ship anywhere you can get mail, including APO/FPOs.

When will I get my order?

Orders usually go out the day after payment is received.  Orders in the continental United States are shipped via Priority Mail, and the United States Postal Service quotes an estimated 2 business days. Hawaii & Alaska may take up to 6 business days.  Delivery confirmation is standard.

Orders outside the United States (including Canada, Mexico, etc) are shipped via Global Priority Mail and the United States Postal Service quotes an estimated 4-6 business days.  However, after the box(s) leave the US, we can no longer confirm delivery or control arrival.  Tracking information is also not available.

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