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If you happen to notice rattle or squeaks in the car, they are usually due to vibrations set up in the vehicle.  Vibrations come from any unbalanced cyclical environment.  Sources include pavement, noise (stereo), and even the engine.  The effect of vibration on parts in a vehicle manifest themselves mainly in 2 manners.

The first being 2 parts that are close together but not touching in a still state, may begin to move back & forth in a vibratory state.  Then the 2 parts begin to interfere & touch each other. When this happens at a high rate of vibration, we perceive a buzzing or rattling sound.

The second being 2 parts that are touching or laying next to each other in a still state, may begin to move back & forth in a vibratory state.  Then the 2 parts begin to rub against each other.  If the parts have a high coefficient of friction, they squeak, or scrape.  Although automakers do their best in an effort to conform to federal regulations governing acceptable levels of noise using the most realistic methods at their disposal, there are occasions where the real world offers environments that cannot be duplicated.  Or, people have higher standards of noise acceptance than automakers.  One material that can combat both of these conditions is to use a deformable material with a low coefficient of friction. One such material is felt.

All this boils down to is that there may be squeaks or rattles in your car, that annoy you to no end.  Many of these squeattles can be fixed relatively easily with a minimum of fuss.  Etadyne Industries LLC is happy to provide a resource for those of you trying to exorcise the squeattles from your car, and reclaim the serene tranquil environment you deserve.  This material is black felt, 1mm thick with adhesive on one side.  Traditionally designed for and used in OEM automotive interior applications (so it’s long lasting, fire-retardant, etc).

Here is a list of rattle you may find in a 2003+ 93. You may have these, or not. You may also have some not listed:

  • Center console cupholder (prevent the flippable built-in cupholder from rattling against the part it rests on)
  • Overhead console (modules rattling against surrounding housing)
  • Window switch buttons (insert felt between the buttons)
  • Rear parcel shelf (shelf attachment hooks rattle against steel body)
  • High-mount brake light cover plate
  • Window felt to protect tint (provide a smooth, scratch-resistant surface for the tint to slide over.
  • Interior door handles (quiet noise of spring-loaded handle from slamming after letting go to open door)
  • Wrapping cables/wires to prevent them from squeaking against parts they rest on.

This black 1mm thick felt tape is available for sale by the inch (25mm). You can order any increment of 1″ up to 24″ and it will come uncut.  Material is 3.5″ (85 mm) wide.  So you can order a 3″ by 1″ section (shown below), or perhaps you wish a 3″ by 12″ section.  You can easily cut the material to fit your exact application.

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