Firefly Serenity Sticker Set


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These are the stickers that accompany the Firefly Serenity Playset. The Data Card is styled after the LEGO Group’s Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) placard. Additionally, there are two round stickers featuring the Serenity logo that fit on round 2×2 tiles on the neck of the spacecraft. If you sourced the bricks yourself, this will complete your build and display your model with pride!

The stickers are high-quality, glossy vinyl; not paper. The UCS placard is sized 2.5″ x 5″ to fit on a 8 x 16 stud tile, part number 90498. It has rounded edges for a clean finished look. These stickers are not available anywhere else in the world.

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This model is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with The LEGO Group, Fox, Universal, Firefly or Serenity.